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Joshua Tree film festival selections and awards timeline:

  • main competition, International Film Festival Bratislava, Slovak Republic, (November 2014), details click here
  • main competition, Peloponnesian Corinthian International Film Festival in Loutraki, Greece, (October 2014), details click here
  • winner, “Best Editing” for Jeremy Dehn, main competition and world premier, at the Cyprus International Film Festival, (September 2014), details click here and acceptance video below
  • winner, “Best Director” for Li Cheng by the Mexico International Film Festival, (jury only, no public screenings, May 2014), details on IMDB – the internet movie database, click here


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Joshua Tree features all original music by New York City-based award winning composer Joel Diamond including “Americana”, “Dancing in Paris”, and “Colors of Love”. With lyrics by Julie Eigenberg (English) and Maria Eugenia Nieves (Spanish). Vocals by Christina Gurrola. For details click here


CONTEXT — the Joshua Tree world:

1) Lehman Brothers collapse, September 2008, click here

2) What happened to the American dream? – video report from Bill Moyers and Frontline, click here

3) What does the American dream mean to you? See Frontline discussion here


METHODS / PURPOSES Joshua Tree is social criticism, crushing metaphor, political fable

1) a critique of today’s USA with global implications: timely, probing, unsettling. Framed by the Lehman Brother’s collapse, the flash point in the ongoing global economic crisis (details above).

2) uses a restrained camera and static character blocking: realistic, cautionary, stark pallet reflecting the pallor of our times. Builds from the bland, detached, sequestered and formulaic lives typical of today’s USA middle class —as crises in, tragedies are slowly revealed.

3) about honesty and hope: comparing and contrasting family and cultural reactions to crisis. Do we go-it-alone (self reliance) or work together to take care of each other?



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