Joshua Tree American dream at the crossroads, a family’s struggle..

Set in the USA heartland, Kate’s living the “American dream”, but everything changes following the 2008 economic collapse. Kate’s husband loses everything in the stock market and it’s the final blow to their marriage. Kate is left alone with two young daughters, a house she obviously can’t afford, and few opportunities.

Like millions of US Americans plunged into the worst economic crisis since 1929, she’s determined to earn enough money but soon falls behind and home foreclosure looms. Self-reliance is dear, and family communication is guarded especially about money, so Kate avoids her father, Alan, and brother though they are well-off. Instead she turns to her mother and a friend, they try to help but have limited resources.

In desperation, Kate finally turns to a surprising secret double-life in order keep the family home and provide for her children while maintaining public appearances. Connections of family, friends, work-place, business, media and community are explored in turn, as people make defining choices. Alan (Kate’s father), faces an especially painful search for redemption.