Joshua Tree – socially conscious, referencing neorealism, universal themes of family, honesty, loss, hope, redemption..

“I have spent my life judging the distance between American reality and the American dream” — Bruce Springsteen (reference here)


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Release coincides with the USA presidential primaries, where the key debate centers on: how will we care for each other? what kind of people will we be?

Joshua Tree – film festival selections/awards:

  • MAIN COMPETITION: International Film Festival Bratislava (Slovakia) – 2014, festival details click here
  • WINNER: “Best Editing” for Jeremy Dehn, Cyprus International Film Festival – 2014 (world premier, main competition), video acceptance click here
  • WINNER: “Best Director” for Li Cheng, main competition, Mexico International Film Festival Awards – 2014 (jury only, no public screenings), click here
  • MAIN COMPETITION: Peloponnesian Corinthian International Film Festival – 2014 (Greece), to view the trailers for the seven nominations for best picture click here

Joshua Tree – interview with George F Roberson (co-Writer and Producer) and Petra Terzi (Festival Director) at Cyprus International Film Festival (CYIFF 2014)

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Joshua Tree – American dream at the crossroads, a family’s struggle..

“What does the American dream mean to you?”

“What happened to the American dream?”

Bill Moyers, PBS Frontline, in-depth reports click here and here

4 laurels

Synopsis. Set in the USA heartland following the global 2008 economic collapse, Kate, a recently divorced suburban mother of two young girls struggles to hold onto the American dream. Facing home foreclosure, an inhibited and dysfunctional family, she finds herself with few opportunities and desperately seeks solutions. Connections of family, friends, work-place, business, media and community are explored in turn, and her father, Alan, faces an especially painful search for redemption.


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